5 top performing reliance mutual funds to invest in 2019

What is Reliance Mutual Fund

Incorporated in 1995, Reliance Mutual Fund is among the fastest growing mutual funds in India. The mutual fund is present in more than 160 cities in the country. It deals mainly in 5 main fund classes – Debt Funds, Equity Funds, Gold Funds, Liquid Funds, and Retirement Funds. There are over 200 schemes available under Reliance mutual fund. In addition to that, investors can choose from more than 800 scheme options.

Reliance Mutual Fund offers products that are innovative meeting the need of the investors. It is one of the most reputed mutual funds in the country, Reliance Mutual Fund is founded as a trust.

About Reliance Mutual Funds

Reliance Mutual Fund (RMF) is one of the top mutual funds in India. It is a part of the Reliance Anil DhirubhaiAmbani (ADA) group. The mutual fund has been founded under the Indian Trust Act, 1882. Reliance Capital Limited or RCL was the Sponsor of the mutual fund, whereas its trustee was Reliance Capital Trustee Co. Limited or RCTC.

Ways of Investing in Mutual Funds

When investing in mutual funds, you should keep some aspects in mind. These are as follows:

Investment Tenure: You should give a considerable amount of thought on your investment tenure. If you want to achieve your financial goal within a span of 5 years, go for debt mutual funds. On the other hand, choose equity or hybrid schemes if you want to invest for five years or more.

Always make sure to check the amount of time you want to invest your money for before choosing a debt mutual fund scheme. In addition to that, check for how long you can invest even when you are choosing equity mutual fund schemes.

Risk Factor: Not every mutual fund has the same risk factor associated with it – be it equity, debt, or hybrid mutual fund. Credit risk schemes have a higher risk factor, whereas liquid mutual funds and overnight funds have the lowest risk factor among all the debt mutual funds. Similar to that, a small cap scheme has a higher risk factor compared to a multi-cap or large cap scheme.

Benefits of Reliance Mutual Fund

Here are some of the benefits of Reliance Mutual Fund:

  • Benefits of wide selection, offered by the RMF
  • The Reliance fund house has the experience of 20 years in mutual funds.
  • The distribution network of RMF is huge and spans more than 160 cities in the country.
  • The customer service of RMF is one of the best in the mutual fund industry.
  • Reliance Mutual Funds are considered the pioneers in the mutual fund industry

List of top five Reliance Mutual Fund

Five popular reliance mutual fund One year return Three-year return Five-year return 10-year return
Reliance annual interval series 0.64 7.47 7.89  
Reliance annual Interval Series 6.64 7.47 7.89 7.97
 Reliance Arbitrage Fund 6.24 6.26 7.38  
Reliance Banking and PSU Debt Fund 4.93 7.52    
Reliance Banking Fund 8.64 13.67 17.09 16.64

2019 Ford Figo facelift – what to expect?

Ford Motor Company has been in the Indian subcontinent for more than two decades. And now, the Indian wing of the company, Ford India Private Limited, established on March 15, 2019 as the new launch date of the Ford Figo Facelift 2019 in India. In fact, the renewed model of Ford has already begun to reach the exhibition halls.

Competition: Interestingly, it remains to be seen how well Figo’s new model will perform in competition with the best-selling four-wheel vehicles in India, such as the Hyundai Grand i10 and Maruti Suzuki Swift, and also without the possible rivalry of big hatchbacks such as Hyundai. Elite i20 and Maruti Suzuki Baleno.

Exterior: The model designed for India is almost similar to the new Ka +, which is the name of the Ford hatchback in Europe that apparently was unveiled in 2018. The exterior of the new Ford Figo will have a more premium appeal the honeycomb front grille features a chromed metal finish, redesigned front and rear bumpers, redesigned and redesigned headlights. In addition, another welcome addition to the Ford Figo 2019 India model will be the new set of 15-inch larger alloy wheels. The Ford Figo 2019 will sport a renewed facade similar to the Ford Aspire 2019 sedan. For example, a new radiator grille called “3D cellular grille” seen in the sedan variant.

Engine: The 2019 Figo’s key upgrade will be on the powerplant, which will happen to be Ford’s latest engine, the 1.2-litre petrol motor that will churn out 96 hp at 6,500 rpm and 120 Nm of peak torque at 4,250 rpm, and will be paired to a five-speed manual transmission. The top-end Figo petrol-automatic variant will now get Ford’s new 1.5-litre motor that will churn out 123 hp at 6,500 rpm and 150 Nm of max torque at 4,500 rpm and will be mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox, replacing the dual-clutch gearbox.

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Interior improvements: The interior of the Ford Figo 2019 will also be impressive. The features of the 2019 Ford Figo Facelift will include automatic headlights, keyless entry, start button, touch-screen infotainment system and windshield wipers with rain detection technology. But the new Figo 2019 model will come without Ford’s Sync3 smart system, which has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The new Ford hatchback will comply with safety regulations, respecting the new standards and safety regulations that will be effective as of April 2019; therefore, the new Figo will have ABS, rear parking system with sensors, safety belt warning system and a speed alert system as standard. The high-end Figo variant will also include 6 first-class airbags and adjustable headrests at the rear.

Expected price: As the Figo reserves are taken, it leftovers to be seen whether the Ford Figo Facelift price of the Ford Figo 2019 in India will be spirited sufficient to compete with Hyundai Grand i10, Maruti Swift and VW Polo. It is predictable that the new Ford Figo facial renewal model in 2019 will be between Rs. 5-8 lakh.

5 easy ways to pay less to your credit card company

Spending money carelessly can be never a good idea. When it comes to credit cards, the misuse of these can often land you in a debt trap. Therefore, you always need to be concerned about spending your money carefully. After all, if you get into the debt trap, it would become difficult for you to get out of it. Plus, it will waste all your money and energy at the same time. And you will also have to pay the interest rates in the 36-48 percent range on the credit card’s outstanding balance (right after the rolling over has taken place). Therefore, you can refer to the five easy ways of paying less to your credit card company. In this particular article, you will become aware of  the five ways of paying less to the credit card company. To know more, keep reading on.

Paying the Outstanding Amount of the Credit Card

It becomes mandatory to pay 5 percent of the credit card’s outstanding amount on credit card issued by the issuer. The balance can get rolled over to the upcoming month. This is something that you must avoid doing, for this can also lead you to land up in a debt trap. What you can do is, try making the full credit card payment online right on due dates so that the interest cost becomes nil.

Proceed with Balance Transfer

In case you are hard-pressed for the funds, you might be unable to pay the bill amount. Nonetheless, revolving the credit to the upcoming month incurs a huge interest charge of 3 – 4 percent every month. What you can do is, go for the balance transfer. This is possible only when you hold more than one credit card. The card can limit up to the amount that has been available as BT. Nevertheless, it can also get blocked once the facility has been used. If you are using the facility, you should be familiar with the fact that you can transfer the amount to another card at a reduced interest rate.

Depositing Withdrawals Back to Earliest

In case you need to withdraw some cash from ATMs with the best use of your credit card, you have to make sure to deposit back the cash as early as possible. These withdrawals don’t come with the interest-free period. What you can do is, put back the amount. This will help you avoid paying a higher rate of your interest.

Converting to EMI

There could be some high purchases on the credit card. In case you are paying it off entirely, make sure you do that through the EMIs. This will allow you to pay a lower interest rate than the actual amount you were supposed to pay. Upon the conversion, your interest might be about 14 to 24 percent lower. What you can do, remember that there are two types of EMI conversion facilities. The first one happens to be the merchant EMIs which the merchant offers you. On the contrary, the second one is that the card issuer might offer you the EMI option on the certain high ticket purchases. You should be familiar with the fact that the reward points won’t accrue on the EMI payments. You might also keep an eye on the processed charge that is involved.

The new purchases should come sans interest-free period

If you’re proceeding with the rolling over of the outstanding balance to next billing cycle, then you should know that it won’t incur the monthly interest at 3 to 4 percent rate. And if you keep rolling over the new purchases, then the interest potion might balloon. What you can do is, avoid making the fresh purchase unless the outstanding amount gets cleared.

This brings the closure of the guide narrating about the five easy ways of paying less to the credit card company.

Estimation of Rachel Maddow Worth

Rachel Maddow was conceived on April 1, 1973, in Castro Valley, California. She was otherwise called MSNBC News moderator in her syndicated program, The Rachel Maddow Show. The incredible achievement of Maddow originates from its capacity to fragment things for clients and its character that can be shown on the screen – which is progressively hard to discover in a universe of data 24/24.

What amount is Rachel Maddow worth?

Rachel Maddow is worth $ 20 million. The majority of this originates from Rachel Maddow’s show, yet some originate from her acting ventures. She showed up in Ugly Betty, The Ides of March, 30 Rock, House of Cards and others.

What is Rachel Maddow’s savings?

Rachel Maddow gets $ 7 million per year to have her syndicated program. This huge sum is because of its developing ubiquity and commitment to the press – as proved by the honors it has prevailed upon the years.

Early years and training

Rachel Maddow grew up with moderate guardians. It is critical to take note of this on the grounds that Maddow is transparently gay and hitched to his significant other Susan Mykola. Since the beginning, Maddow has bolstered the LGBTQ + network by upholding for research and comprehension.

Subsequent to moving on from Stanford University with a degree in Public Policy in 1994, Maddow moved to San Francisco. Here, she safeguarded the AIDS research gathering, ACT UP. Her work with this affiliation helped her get an allow from Rhodes, making Maddow the main transparently gay individual to win the honor.

Maddow connected his grant to instruction at Oxford University. She at that point got a doctorate in political theory.

Where did Maddow begin in the press?

Maddow started his vocation in radio news-casting. In 1999, when Rachel Maddow was 26 years of age, she took part in a challenge sorted out by WRNX. The challenge plans to help select another host for their television shows. Maddow won and was procured to have the morning appear. Maddow stayed at WRNX for quite a long while until 2004, when she explored different avenues regarding the recently made Liberal radio test, Air America. She co-sorted out the show until it was dropped in 2005.

The Rachel Maddow Show has won numerous Emmy Awards

Rachel Maddow Show has been named for a few Emmy Awards, three of which have been won. The primary win came in 2011, when ‘Great Morning, Central Asia, Landlocked’ won the ‘Brilliant Living Interview’ grant.

In 2017, Maddow won two honors. The ‘American catastrophe: the stone emergency’s gotten the Emmy grant for discourse and examination of features, while the eye to eye with Kelly one Conway won the best live meeting.

Maddow dismembered with long and complex areas

The objective of most news telecasters is to gap long or complex reports into little snippets of data that the open can ingest in a base measure of time. Notwithstanding, Rachel Maddow has built up herself a specialty by strolling the other way. During her network show, she displayed a slide where she takes stories and exceeds expectations in the better subtleties with the goal that the group of spectators can comprehend them splendidly. The normal length is 27 minutes, a flat outage in the realm of TV.

The craziest part is that Maddow has gotten appraisals and a higher number of watchers since the first experience with this slide, which many accept won’t work. It has demonstrated to be an aptitude and adequately associated with people, in general, to comprehend what it discloses as well as to be increasingly nostalgic.

Are You a Start-up That Needs a Mentor?

You have a great opportunity to be a success if you are a start-up business today in Bangkok. You only need to know who to go to help you succeed. You can access programs online that will help you digitally get the assistance needed to realize a profit in a short amount of time.

Stay Competitive as a Start-up

In fact, start-ups in Bangkok today can stay competitive with super-sized companies. That is why you need to take advantage of today’s advanced digital technologies. One of the ways that you can do this is by finding out more about a startup incubator in Bangkok.

What Is an Incubator?

An incubator is a company that helps start-ups develop by offering services such as office space or training to fledgling companies. Therefore, you can get the business assistance at a very early stage to grow and continue growing. The incubator makes money when it takes an equity interest in the start-up’s success.

What Is an Accelerator Program?

You can also obtain success by using an accelerator. Therefore, you can choose from accelerators and incubators to help you expand. While an accelerator and incubator are often thought to represent the same idea, there are noted distinctions.

The Key Differences

One of the key differences between an accelerator and incubator is how the programs are structured. An accelerator begins with an application process and the program can be extremely selective. Early-stage companies are usually given a small seed investment and access to mentor. This is done in exchange for equity.

An Earlier Form of a Business Setup

On the other hand, start-up incubator programs begin with companies or entrepreneurs that may be involved early in the business process. Therefore, the company may have not established a set schedule. Therefore, an incubator matches quality start-ups with the best businesses for growth. While you can find independent incubators, they can also be sponsored or operated by angel investors or major companies, among others.

A Specialized Incubator Program

Depending on the sponsoring party, the incubator may be concentrated on a specific vertical or market. For instance, an incubator that is sponsored by a medical center may only be seeking health tech start-ups. In most instances, start-ups that are accepted into incubator programs relocate to a specific area to work with other firms in the incubator. Within the incubator, a business can hone its idea and work out its business plan. It can check intellectual property issues and network as well.

Getting Started in Bangkok, Thailand

Because of advances in digital technologies, the advent of the incubator program has made strides in places such as Bangkok. You too can benefit from this type of program. Find out more about this opportunity online.

Co-Working and Communicating Within the Incubator

Co-working plays a large role in incubator programs. Both incubators and accelerators offer great opportunity to young, fledgling companies to proceed online and in brick-and-mortar locations. If you are a start-up, you need to get headed in the right direction. By joining an incubator or accelerator program, you can do just that.

Essential factors for financial planning, home loans and investments services

Create and achieve non-public finances before creating and executing a substantial financial agreement in support of your life — inconsistency with the goal of the prosperity of a group of people who need a business strategy. As a result, you must control a non-public economic planner who can eliminate the burden of the period required to create and implement your commercial agreement daily.

So, what did you say? Find out what you expect with a financial planner?

The moment you hire multinational financial planning from an economic planner, they want to guess the responsibility of supporting the management and organization of your commercial relationships. They balance their reserves, organize withdrawals, transfer taxes, develop their property, participate in hand luggage, pay their insurance and, most importantly, protect their assets. They want to take control of their current assets and collect almost all forms of paper currency so you can think about the process.

Financial planning services

Financial planning providers can offer a wide range of business advisory and implementation services related to a non-public, family element before problems arise. They allow you to reconcile the modified profitable objectives and help you achieve your goals through the precise management of your finances, since the fundamental monetary purpose and determination are necessary, above all, to achieve excellent material well-being. We offer to save money to support the education of your children before selling them at home.

Financial planning, whether for an individual or a company, is not only intended to achieve short and long-term goals but also provides insurance against the unknown, the invisible. For example, Allan, who ran a small ice cream parlour near Bondi Beach, had protection against theft, so he thought he was safe. But during the recent abnormal weather, his output was hit by lightning, which roasted all this freezing equipment. This not only required expensive repairs, but it also lost all of its ice cream supply that day and had to abandon sales in the next two days.

Financial losses usually happen unexpectedly: there is no business card, and even if you receive a preliminary warning, it is often too late to take any action. When a disaster occurs, the only thing that can bring peace of mind is if there is any financial planning, for example, money reserved to cover unforeseen events. Keep in mind that the loss is still there, but at least you can get up because you have the wealth to keep it. For this reason, financial planning services are not necessary for a positive financial future.

Financial planners

To become a financial planner, you must first know what you said. His choral profile is. Financial planners help you determine cash income to meet your operational program. They also help predict how these food desires will be satisfied with the internal generation of funds, and what did you say? The sphere in which you want to be alive is found in external sources. The task of cash planners is to develop an unbeatable strategy to achieve the necessary external financing. Besides, they help create and be inflexible concerning a financial control system to support the distribution and use of funds.

Split System Air Conditioning vs Ducted Air Conditioning

One of the most useful and probably underrated technological innovations are air-conditioning systems. Most homes, offices, and public spaces usually have one form of air conditioning or the other. However not many people appreciate them until the sun is shining and the weather it is hitting the mid to high 30s.

Over the years, there have been different kinds of cooling systems used for different purposes. It is, therefore, important to understand your individual needs and preferences to make sure you choose the right system for you. So, let’s take a closer look at two major air conditioner types – split system and ducted air.

Split System Air Conditioning

Just as the name suggests, the split system air conditioner has two different parts, which are the condenser and the head unit. With this system, the head unit is installed indoors and is usually affixed to a wall or, it is a standing unit. The condenser is then located outside on the other side of the wall. Essentially “splitting” the system in two.

Why You Want a Split System

Split system air conditioning is great for a lot of people because it’s a lot more affordable than the ducted air option. Apart from their affordability, they are also perfect for single rooms or apartments providing both heating and cooling options. For smaller areas they are not very large and are also very easy and cheap to install. Trying to install duct air conditioners in some buildings can be next to impossible, but it is usually easy to install a split system in most living spaces.


A split system can limit the aesthetic appeal of any building as both the outdoor and indoor units are visible. Also, each split unit can only really cool the specific room it’s installed in and will have a very limited effect on other areas.

Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted air conditioning system uses air ducts to cool the entire building where it is installed. It’s an effective method of cooling because, usually, the system is installed and hidden away in the ceilings and it cools each room from above. You can use the ducted air system with as many vents as you have – only the vents are visible.

Why You Want a Ducted Air System

This type of air conditioning is a lot more effective than the split system as it can be installed to cool an entire building. It is also centrally controlled, which helps you keep an optimum and uniform temperature around all the rooms where the vents are used.

Also, as it is centrally controlled, you could install a ducted system in such a way that you have the option to turn the system on or off from different rooms, whenever you would like. Furthermore, some of them can be installed to be heating systems during the winter.


A ducted system is very expensive when you consider the cost of purchase and installation. It could also be difficult to install because there needs to be enough space for the ducting. This already means that it may not even be an option at all for some buildings. Also, with a ducted system most controllers are usually installed into a wall allowing a lot less flexibility with controller choice.

The Best Option

Choosing the right one really depends on the building and what rooms you are looking to heat/cool. Keep all this information in mind when examining the advantages and disadvantages of each to make sure you pick the right system to fit your home, your preferences and your budget.

Beginner’s Guide to a PBX Phone System

Every business owner, especially those who are just starting up, needs to make sure that everything they need to effectively run their business is setup. While some of these areas are negotiable and don’t have to be acquired immediately, other areas are compulsory from day one. Some examples of compulsory areas are general office equipment (furniture, stationary etc.) as well as the business’s required technology setups.

Technology can encompass a variety of different entities, ranging from computer systems to more complex CRM systems. But one of the most important items for any business is a proper telephone system. Which is why the majority opt for the best option of acquiring a PBX phone system.

If you’re unfamiliar about the PBX phone system, here are a few points to get you started:

What is a PBX Phone System?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. This type of phone service has quite a few functions that make it suitable for businesses. PBX phone systems have a network that lets you handle a large number of phones simultaneously. You can easily switch between calls from different phones within the network, regardless of whether the phones are within a particular location or if they are external phone lines connected to the system. Apart from regular phone calls, a PBX system can also accommodate other types of phone services, including internet calling using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Components of a PBX Phone System

The main components of this type of system are the phones that are connected, a telephone trunk for the connection and a computer (or group of computers) that seamlessly handle all the switching between the phone lines in the system. In some cases, based on personal preference, you can choose to add a manual switchboard. However, this is optional, as your system can run properly with or without it.

Ways a PBX System Can Help your Business

The level of ease, accessibility, and functionality offered by a PBX phone system can be an important advantage for your business. Not only does this system allow for smooth communication, but it will also easily allow everyone on the network to communicate with one another, which can be very handy especially when an emergency situation that needs urgent attention arises.

The PBX system also allows users to stay connected, whether they are using their mobile phones or laptops, meaning that employees who are on the road can still stay plugged in to all calls coming in. This can be highly beneficial for businesses with employees who are constantly on the move in and out of the office, as they can still be connected to the PBX system and enjoy the seamless communication process offered by this system.

What is most advantageous about the PBX phone system is that even with its vast capabilities, it is still the most reasonable and cost-effective option for businesses. If your business is heavily reliant on telephone calls, don’t settle for unreliable, find out more about how you can acquire a PBX system today.

Basic Operating Instructions for Split System Air Conditioners

A split system air conditioner is an air conditioner that has both outdoor and indoor components that are connected via tubing. The outdoor unit runs cool air through the indoor unit into the room. If you have just purchased or had a split system installed, this article will provide you basic instructions on how to effectively operate the system.

Before you turn on the AC

Before you attempt to use your air conditioner, ensure that it has been properly installed and that all connecting pipes are properly joined together. Make sure the power cable connected to the power source is as supplied by the AC manufacturer and has not been modified in any way to prevent overheating or power surges. Finally, open the cover of the remote control, insert the required batteries, and then close the cover of the remote control.

Setting up the AC with a remote control

Before turning on the AC, press the clock button and set the proper time on the remote control. Then, ensuring that you are within a range of about 4 meters from the air conditioning unit, press the “On” button to turn on the AC.

Once the air-con is on, choose the desired mode you wish to set the system to. Choose “Cool” to cool your room on a hot day, or choose “Dry” on a rainy day to reduce the moisture in the air and keep the room cool and dry. Alternatively, you can choose “Auto” to simply let the AC select its operating mode itself.

With the mode selected, you can choose the temperature that you’d like to set the system to. For most split systems, the selection range runs from 16°C to 30°C which can be chosen based off the rooms needs.

Setting up the AC without a remote control

If you do not have a remote immediately available (possibly due to damage or loss), you can still operate the system by using the ON/OFF button that can be found under the front cover of the air conditioner. Simply raise both sides of the front cover to find it.

Tips for optimal use

Now that you have your split system up and running, you’ll want to remember these tips:

When running your air conditioner, it is best to keep the windows and doors closed to minimize energy wastage. On sunny days, it is best to cover the window with curtains to keep the system from being exposed to direct sunlight and heat.

Air conditioner use should be reserved for when the room is occupied, and the weather calls for it. Using an AC to cool a room when the weather is already cool is a waste of energy. If your system has an “economy mode”, you should use it. This ensures that the AC is only working to keep the room moderately cool, thus saving energy.

Keep the filters of your system clean and the ducts free of air leaks. This will ensure the air conditioner works optimally and the room receives proper cooling.

Split system air conditioners come in different models and with different features. But if you follow the instructions in the guide, you will have no problems operating any system you come across.

Keep Your Business in Thailand Free of Problems by Relying on a Quality Tax Service Today

The world is becoming more and more global with each passing year, and many businesses are quickly discovering the benefits of moving their companies into the international market, especially in culturally diverse areas such as Thailand.

However, some business owners quickly find themselves running into trouble simply because they don’t understand the local rules and regulations. Taxes are a great example of this blunder. Thailand’s tax system can be extremely complicated and confusing if you aren’t sure how to approach it or what needs to be done. Working with an experienced professional is really the only way to guarantee that things get done right the first time around. Here are just a few of the ways that working with these quality experts can benefit you and your business starting today.

Extensive Range of Services

When you decide to use the best tax service in Thailand, you can rest assured that they’ll be able to quickly and efficiently handle each and every aspect of your taxes, ensuring that you end up better off in every possible way.

This means that they’ll be able to offer their clients services in terms of strategic planning, refund claims, preparation of returns, property taxes forms, and much more. Make sure that you find professionals who are easily able to take care of any number of issues that you could come up against so that you can have the peace of mind you need after so much time worrying.

Experienced and Dedicated Staff

Another major benefit that you’ll be able to get by working with a world-class local tax service will be the experience and expertise that they’ll have on the subject. While you may very well feel that this responsibility falls on your shoulders as the business owner, the truth is that depending on a qualified and experienced team can make all the difference in the world and will be the best decision you could make for your business. Find a team that’s spent years honing their skills and learning everything they can about Thai taxes so that you can feel confident leaving your business in their hands.

Worldwide Knowledge

International tax policies are constantly changing and updating, which can make it even more difficult for business owners operating on a global scale. However, by working with a team of experts, you can rest assured that they’ll know exactly how to manage the tax system no matter where you are in the world. Make sure that you find a team that’s widely recognized and respected so that you can be sure that you’re working with true professionals from the very start.

When it comes to dealing with international tax laws, many business owners can find themselves struggling to handle all of the rules and regulations on top of their already stress-filled days. Working with a team of experienced and professional tax experts can be the perfect solution that you’ve been hoping for. Keep these benefits in mind, and find a tax team in Thailand that you can really rely on today.