Are You a Start-up That Needs a Mentor?

You have a great opportunity to be a success if you are a start-up business today in Bangkok. You only need to know who to go to help you succeed. You can access programs online that will help you digitally get the assistance needed to realize a profit in a short amount of time.

Stay Competitive as a Start-up

In fact, start-ups in Bangkok today can stay competitive with super-sized companies. That is why you need to take advantage of today’s advanced digital technologies. One of the ways that you can do this is by finding out more about a startup incubator in Bangkok.

What Is an Incubator?

An incubator is a company that helps start-ups develop by offering services such as office space or training to fledgling companies. Therefore, you can get the business assistance at a very early stage to grow and continue growing. The incubator makes money when it takes an equity interest in the start-up’s success.

What Is an Accelerator Program?

You can also obtain success by using an accelerator. Therefore, you can choose from accelerators and incubators to help you expand. While an accelerator and incubator are often thought to represent the same idea, there are noted distinctions.

The Key Differences

One of the key differences between an accelerator and incubator is how the programs are structured. An accelerator begins with an application process and the program can be extremely selective. Early-stage companies are usually given a small seed investment and access to mentor. This is done in exchange for equity.

An Earlier Form of a Business Setup

On the other hand, start-up incubator programs begin with companies or entrepreneurs that may be involved early in the business process. Therefore, the company may have not established a set schedule. Therefore, an incubator matches quality start-ups with the best businesses for growth. While you can find independent incubators, they can also be sponsored or operated by angel investors or major companies, among others.

A Specialized Incubator Program

Depending on the sponsoring party, the incubator may be concentrated on a specific vertical or market. For instance, an incubator that is sponsored by a medical center may only be seeking health tech start-ups. In most instances, start-ups that are accepted into incubator programs relocate to a specific area to work with other firms in the incubator. Within the incubator, a business can hone its idea and work out its business plan. It can check intellectual property issues and network as well.

Getting Started in Bangkok, Thailand

Because of advances in digital technologies, the advent of the incubator program has made strides in places such as Bangkok. You too can benefit from this type of program. Find out more about this opportunity online.

Co-Working and Communicating Within the Incubator

Co-working plays a large role in incubator programs. Both incubators and accelerators offer great opportunity to young, fledgling companies to proceed online and in brick-and-mortar locations. If you are a start-up, you need to get headed in the right direction. By joining an incubator or accelerator program, you can do just that.

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